27 января 2016 г.

ClearLookROM - the first custom ROM for Chuwi Hi8

ClearLookROM - the first custom ROM for Chuwi Hi8 from me, based on the android stock ROM build from November 2015.

ClearLookROM v1.1 (v1.0)

0. Install TWRP instruction how to install it;
1. Perform Wipe / system, / data, / cache and Dalvik Cache;
2. Install the firmware archive.

* SupeSU 2.65 (UPGRADE from version 2.46);
* BysyBox 1.24.2 (UPGRADE from version 1.24.1);
* Improved sound ViPER FX (needs to acivate yourself to get the effect);
* Init.d support;
* Addon.d support;
* Deodexed + zipaligned;
* NTFS support;
* ExFAT support;
* Disabled Windows sensor touch button (to enable - remove # from system/usr/keylayout/Generic.kl in front of 102 HOME key, save the file and reboot the device);
* Edited build.prop - No big tweaks, just changed some parameters to activate the default Russian language and time zone GMT+03:00, as well as to activate Google Account settings mode;
* Updated Google applications (Open GApps Mini 04.05.2016) (UPGRADE from version 24.01.2016);
* Standard Launcher replaced by Google Start;
* Removed some useless applications.

PS There is a bug with screem dim time - all temporary positions are shifted upwards, ie if you select 15 seconds - the screen will not be turned off, and if 30 seconds - that will run for 15 seconds and etc.

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